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Meditatie: just do it

2 oktober 2015

Via de Facebook van een Amerikaanse collega van me die in Engeland promoveert op de combinatie van spiritualiteit en technologie kwam ik onderstaande uitspraak tegen van een boeddhistische monnik in Nepal:

You know, in the western world you have everything you need to have a happy life. You have access to an abundance of information online, you have freedom, you have bookstores to learn anything you want, you can afford to buy anything you need. You even have apps for meditations! I don’t know what those are because I just sit down and meditate.

You know what the problem really is? You fill your head with so much information but you never put it into practice. You never take action. You never do it. You study meditation, you learn techniques, you take courses, you read books, you go to classes but you never do it on the long run. And it’s driving you crazy.

Laat ik dit nou eens proberen ter harte te nemen.